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We connect with millions of buyers around the world with our high quality products.

Tiessuitshome.com is one of the top Nigeria’s foremost online haberdashery, long existed in secrecy e-commerce fashion, solidified renowned as the best source of Accessories and Suits for Nigerians. 

Our customers cut across the middle class corporate Nigerian to the celebs, our focus is excellence and satisfactory service. To ensure that we stay true to our promise to customers, every single suit and accessory on our platform represents true value for your money. Our products are made with the knowledge that our customers are to stand out from the crowd.

As Nigeria’s number one haberdashery, we partner only with the best designers and top brands around the globe in the ready-made section. Our bespokes are remarkably made with eagerness interest as a work of art. items on our platform are made by tiessuitshome.com or secured by us. traders are prohibited using our platform to display inferior quality products at their own prices as we have seen elsewhere. 

We’re responsible and accountable to every purchase you made on our platform. We have invested in customer satisfaction, As fashion experts, we showcase our expertise through our consultation section, a section created to ensure customers standout at that formal meeting, on the red-carpet, at that wedding, at your everyday events. 

You can visit our website today, which will lead as a rudder directing your steps on Suit etiquette. At tiessuitshome.com we go beyond selling accessories and suits, we ensure you wear them right.

To buy quality  Shoes, Shirts, Belts, Ties, and other Suit accessories have never been this easy. Here at tiessuitshome.com you are a few clicks away from your fashion gem. 

Your payment transaction is secure, powered by one of the best e-payment solutions on a single multi-bank platform – Paystack.

Our goal is to deliver superior, and quality accessories and suits, to make you look stylish and fashionable. We want to be known as the value leader in the fashion industry for dependable clothing at reasonable prices.

We also locally brand ties for companies and schools, for events uniform ties and suits we are ready for emergencies productions of such branded ties and suits.

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